Update 4 available now!

ASHI WASH v 1.04 patch notes

-updated game to use Unreal Engine 4.22
-fixed annoying record scratch that would play when the map loaded in VR
-added support for Valve Index (we're unfortunately unable to implement finger tracking, but we did make sure to take advantage of the new grip functionality)
-added SteamVR Input plugin
-simplified default VR control schemes across the board so that controller inputs are less convoluted
-updated controller books to show new control schemes
-made controller book & VR menu swatter more immediately visible for new players
-rewrote VR item floating functionality (comfort & accessibility feature allowing fallen tools to float up towards the player's hands, so you don't have to bend down as much; great for seated play)
-added VR float functionality to some objects that didn't already have it
-added ability to quickly quit the game by holding ESC for 3 seconds

We have not been able to test this update for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, so if you're a WMR user and you're having issues, please use Update 3 download marked as "(LEGACY)"

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to post them in the comments and we'll address them ASAP!


ASHI WASH Update 4 - Index support & quality of life changes 420 MB
Jul 12, 2019

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