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Somewhere in Japan there exists a house where, every so often, a yokai (or spirit) in the shape of foot appears and demands to be cleaned. If it is cleaned, it leaves peacefully. If it is not cleaned, it becomes angry and smashes things until it is satisfied.

This is our very dumb take on that story. 

You have three minutes to clean the foot. Tools are scattered around the house to help you. Good luck!

[We released a new version of Ashi Wash! The update has new dialog, a record player, prettier and more detailed graphics, even a VR mode! Check it out!]

This game prototype is 100% free, but your donations encourage us to work on new game projects and help us buy food. Thanks!

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorsTwo Glass Hams, Joolean, Troy Andrews, VladiMatt
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagsashi, foot, FPS, giant-foot, japanese, pedicure, washing, yokai
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter


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Ashi Wash 0.5 Windows (LATEST) 80 MB
Ashi Wash Prototype Windows (OLD) 74 MB

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Short but Sweet!

Very original concept :)


Ahahah fun !

This may seem an odd statement, but this was just the kind of weird I needed at the time.


.... a.s.h.i.w.a.s.h.


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This game is way too funny


Never thought I'd kiss the ass of a foot

Can you make a mac version of the game?

We'd like to, but unfortunately we currently don't have easy access to a Mac that supports our version of UE4 (our game engine). Hopefully in the future!

Okay, let me know if you do.

My question might have been asked before but how do i play this game when my pc always needs to install and uninstall a microsoft visual +++ 2015 is this problem resolve and how please let me know because i really want to play it

Loved it! So simple yet so much fun! Had a blast playing it! Keep on rocking!

this game i saw it o Youtube by Zai Lets Play this is a really fun game!!!! loved it <3

Great game loved how the the dirt and grime randomly generated. The voice acting is hilarious and the voice of the foot just fits perfectly with the game. But the part i didn't like was you had to be dead accurate to get all the flies and that got annoying really quick. But apart from that i really enjoyed it . :) 

This fit in perfectly for the 2nd game in my video i hope you enjoy :D.

A very strange game, but not bad. The art is simple but nice. the only real problem is that it's short. great job.

ummmm.................. why

After conducting our market research, we noticed a distinct lack of games  featuring giant feet as major characters as well games emphasizing the importance of hygiene. This is the #content that many different demographics wish they had access to but simply don't. We're excited to meet consumer demands and "make the world a better place, one product at a time."


Thanks, we can't wait to release it, either!

Why a mafia lords foot is in my house I have no idea

This was a nice little breather from all the serious games that I've been playing recently. I LOVED the voice acting. It was perfect. It had me *trying* to speak in that accent the entire time I was playing! The mechanics were simplistic, but not too easy. I like how the 'nasty' on the foot was randomly generated differently each time the game was loaded. The game lagged a tiny bit in the first few minutes of playing it, but it got really smooth after a bit. So it may have just been my pc + unreal (they don't play well together). The music was perfect and really inspired me to rush. That's always good in a game that only gives you three minutes. I have no complaints! This is the ideal arcade-esque experience that I look for in indie games. If you are still working on this, I can't wait to see it grow into something more! Thanks for making it!

Probably the strangest game I've ever played -- but it was still fun for what it was. Looking forward to future dev.

Gross foot but, good game. I failed both times I tried to clean him. I think on the second attempt I almost won but, that stubborn callous thing got me in the end!

The stink lingered in my nose even after playing. The foots dialog gave me a good chuckle!

I played Ashi Wash in my Three Random Games video! But oh boy this one takes the cake! I wish there were more levels to play and different types of foot maintenance to preform on the giant foot! But great job on this game, and keep it up! 

how do I  download this game I feel stupid

Below the description there's a big "Download Now" button. When you click that, a window will pop up where you can (if you so choose) toss us a small donation. Donations are 100% optional, and you can download the game for free by clicking the circled text here:

That will take you to the download page itself, from there click the red download button next to "Ashi Wash 0.5 Windows (LATEST)" if you want to play the most recent build that we uploaded back in August of 2016, or the button next to "Ashi Wash Prototype Windows (OLD)" if you want to play the older, uglier version that Markiplier played.

Hey this is very fun but I have 1 problem: I do  NOT know how to move

Sorry it took so dang long to get a response to your question, we've been super busy working on the full version of the game. Movement is the WASD keys (W/S are forward/backward, and A/D are left/right)

Pretty fun.

My videos are cringy

I clean and i ship them! All the feet!

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Ashi Wash was a weird, yet fun game! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't have much to it but that's okay. It is weird on it's own!

I really wish the game was longer, just like what the guy said below. Maybe including the other foot, or two feet at once. Increasing the difficulty as you progress into the game. All in all, it's good!

Ashi Wash was a weird, yet fun game! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't have much to it but that's okay. It is weird on it's own!

I really wish the game was longer, just like what the guy said below. Maybe including the other foot, or two feet at once. Increasing the difficulty as you progress into the game. All in all, it's good!

Ashi Wash has got to be one of the grossest games that I ever played and I mean that in a good way!

The premise of the game is that you have to clean a disgusting foot that somehow appears in your house before the time runs out.

The environment and graphics look surprisingly nice for an indie game, and the controls all function pretty well. All the mechanics work as they should and even the music is spot-on for a ridiculous game like this. The foot's voice acting made me crack up a few times and it genuinely grossed me out to the point where I thought I would be sick!

I do wish the game was longer or that there were more levels to complete so it would add some replayability. And for some reason killing the flies with the fly swatter feels hit or miss as it's pretty difficult to kill them in one swing.

All in all though, Ashi Wash is a ridiculously fun and weird game that everyone should play and I hope the developer is continuing to add more to the game.

I made a Let's Play of Ashi Wash so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

This game was bizzare in all points, but still funny to play

(wouldn't want to trimm those nails irl tho)

How do you grab stuff???

With E

OMG! This game was so weird :O But really fun to play! Haha, this foot had some Minecraft foot fungus! :D

Hope you like my let's play :) if you do, please subscribe for more daily indiegame let's play videos! ^___^

Thanks a lot man!!

General Nuker Gamechannel

This was possibly the weirdest game I have ever played and I sort of love it!

This music is stuck in my head too and I bet it'll be stuck in yours!

The game really improved since the prototype, and I really had fun with it. If you ever decide to expand it, might I suggest randomly generated rooms and different times for difficulty levels? It may give it some more replay value (:

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! Without saying too much we've actually discussed some sort of randomness in the gameplay, and we're currently working on a build for an event in which we'd like to at least have random tool placements, but we've got limited time to work on the new build and we'd have to completely redesign some stuff around that.

That said, we are absolutely planning on expanding it more in the future, with replay value in mind! ~Matt

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